Nixon Law Group represents clients whose businesses are on the leading edge of healthcare and technology. We represent healthcare providers, healthcare technology companies, and other businesses that sell to the healthcare industry, including businesses in the medical cannabis industry.

Partner Rebecca Gwilt has assumed the role of Executive Director of the newly formed Virginia Cannabis Industry Association in addition to co-leading NLG.

The Virginia Cannabis Industry Association’s mission is to “represent members' best interests to advance legislation, regulations and implementation in support of Virginia’s regulated cannabis industry. The mission includes bringing the highest quality, safest and compliant medical cannabis products and services to consumers in Virginia to improve their quality of life, comfort and well-being.”

We also have a new page on, which is the largest cannabis industry database for services providers.

Nixon Law Group represents healthcare innovators – for our Cannabis practice, that means physicians, permitees, and vendors in the regulated Cannabis industry: health and wellness businesses selling and producing CBD products, medical practices whose physicians are registered to certify patients for medical cannabis use, agricultural producers, companies seeking to secure pharmaceutical processor permits, and manufacturers of hemp and hemp-derived products. Our clients can trust that we understand their business as well as the relationships they have with their patients, customers, employees, vendors, and regulators. We provide corporate and regulatory compliance support, as well as business advisory and license/permit application consulting.  

At NLG, we are laser focused on the future. The Cannabis industry is rapidly changing, and we believe it is our responsibility to ensure our clients are ready to take advantage of the opportunities available. Major investments are driving a wave of innovation in the industry, and – like healthcare – the cannabis industry is highly regulated, and clients need a partner who can guide them toward both profitability and sustainability. We know that if you’re not constantly learning, you’re already behind. So, we make sure our clients are up to date with the latest developments in Cannabis law, policy, and technology.

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