"Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose." - Edward de Bono, Author and Inventor

We believe it is important to live and work intentionally. We are committed to being intentional about how to build a leading edge law firm, including who we hire, how we interact with each other, and how we serve our clients. This led us to some deep thinking about the kind of work environment we wanted to create, the kind of people we wanted to work with, and the kind of value we wanted to convey to clients. The exercise led us to develop a list of core values to guide our path forward.

Our core values form the bedrock of our relationship with our clients, colleagues, and each other. We come back to them time and again to help guide us, connect us, and drive us forward.

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Do the Right Thing. Always.

We believe in a high standard of ethics, honesty, and integrity. We believe in making the right choice even if it’s the harder choice. And we will support each other and our clients in doing so.

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Respect, Encourage, and Inspire Each Other.

Life and work are more richly enjoyed when we’re surrounded by people who want us to WIN. So, we give respect and encouragement and try to inspire when we can!


Wear a lawyer’s hat, but walk in your client’s shoes.

It’s important that we know the law, but it’s equally important that we help our clients understand what that means to them. We learn our clients’ goals and work together to help them reach them—in plain language, and with a deep knowledge of the industry in which they operate


Strive for Excellence in Everything You Do.

This requires a deep commitment to quality and constant improvement in everything we do. We expect every member of our team to strive for excellence, and we’re committed to supporting them in doing so.


Innovate and Evolve, Constantly.

Alongside the entrepreneurs and innovators we serve, who are transforming healthcare, we are constantly innovating as we work to transform the practice of law. We have developed (and continue to build upon) a custom stack of software to help run our practice, and we continue to develop innovative fee structures and packaged products to meet the needs of our clients.