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We are the experts in how to navigate the complex framework of healthcare laws and regulations affecting your area of the healthcare industry. We help you to reduce your exposure to risk, and to thrive in the new era of healthcare.

In addition to the many laws pertaining to businesses of any type, healthcare providers, payers, and companies are subject to local, state, and federal regulations specific to their industry. These laws and regulations govern their every move, from corporate transactions (formation/mergers/acquisitions) to reimbursement rates, from patient safety to patient privacy, from health information technology to employment practices, and much more.  

Healthcare laws are constantly evolving to keep pace with technology and the evolution of care delivery and payment mechanisms. In the last few years alone, we’ve seen passage of the Affordable Care Act, the HITECH Act, and MACRA, with complex rules and regulations following each. The penalties for violations are steep, and can easily bankrupt a practice or shut down a business. So can signing a “form” vendor contract or employment agreement without legal review and counsel by an attorney with specific expertise in healthcare law.