10 ways to get the best value from our services:

  1. Know Our Team. You will have both a Supervising and Lead Attorney making sure you get the best possible service. Your Lead Attorney will be your primary contact on issues related to your matter on a day to day basis. If the Lead Attorney is unavailable, or you have a question or complaint you aren't comfortable bringing to the Lead Attorney, you can reach out to your Supervising Attorney. Your Supervising Attorney will be one of the Founding Partners, and serves as a backstop for the Supervising Attorney. 

  2. Know Your Team. We find that services are provided most effectively and efficiently when there is a single point of contact for legal services at your organization. That person needs to have the authority to make final decisions about engaging attorneys for work and should be convening internally to achieve consensus for doing so. Also, if your contact for billing and payment is a different person or department than your legal services contact, make sure you tell us so we can get our invoices to the right person. 

  3. Define a Clear Scope of Work. This is a joint process. During our first meeting, we will discuss your goals, challenges, and priorities. This helps us develop a scope of work for the immediate and long term. The more we understand about your scope of work, the better able we are to map our a plan for the efficient and cost effective resolution of your matter. 

  4. Communicate Early. Make us aware of tasks with a specific deadline as soon as possible so that we can schedule our work accordingly!

  5. Send timely payments. We provide options for online payments for your bundles. Save your information and make payments and deposits promptly so we can begin work right away at the beginning of your matter and so there is no disruption in your matter as we continue working together.

  6. Schedule Meetings Seamlessly. We abhor the back-and-forth of email scheduling. It's inefficient and tiresome. If you'd like to schedule a call with us, you can use our Team NLG calendly link to schedule a call.

  7. Call us BEFORE you sign it. We are much less effective at managing your risk for you if you sign a document before we see it. We're often advising clients on how to get out of onerous contracts. We much prefer advising clients not to sign them in the first place!

  8. Utilize our expertise. We write about our work A LOT. We like to share the insights we get from working on real life issues with clients. Head to our free resource page and download helpful materials and sign up for our monthly newsletter and keep up with The Latest in healthcare law. 

  9. Keep up with us. in addition to our substantive writing on several topics related to healthcare law and policy, we also post regularly on news, events, legal and regulatory changes, and commentary from leaders in our industry. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn to keep up with us!

  10. Send us feedback. We appreciate your feedback throughout the course of our engagement and at the close of a matter.  Our goal is your satisfaction with our service. If there is something you are unhappy with – or something you really appreciate – we want to know.  

    If you’re not a client yet, get started using our efficient intake process