You've got an idea.

Maybe it's an mHealth app, or a Remote Patient Monitoring solution. Maybe it's a Telehealth application, or a new twist on Predictive Analytics. Whatever your idea for changing healthcare...

We help make it a reality.

No matter what kind of healthcare startup you are building, it's important to begin with a strong foundation. That means establishing the right framework for healthcare compliance from the outset.

Legal Services for HealthTech Entrepreneurs and Healthcare Startups

Business Entity Formation & Governance

  • Choice of Business Entity type
  • Articles of Incorporation/Certificate of Organization
  • Bylaws/Shareholder Agreement/Operating Agreement

Agreements & Contract Negotiations

  • Master Services Agreements
  • Terms of Use/End User License Agreements
  • Business Associate Agreements

Healthcare Business Strategy

  • CMS Innovation Model opportunities
  • Strategic Partnership development
  • Reimbursement strategies

Healthcare Regulatory Compliance

  • HIPAA/GDPR Compliance & Security Risk Assessment
  • Anti-Kickback Statute/Stark Law Analyses

Intellectual Property

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Trade Secrets/NonDisclosure Agreements

Building Your Team

  • Employee or Independent Contractor/Consultant?
  • Sales Representative Agreements
  • Employee Equity Incentives

Fee Schedule for Healthcare Startups and Early Stage Companies


Introductory Startup Offering

This is a one-time, non-renewable offering of a bundle of ten hours, to be used at any time. It includes one complimentary strategy session to help move your company forward.

Prepaid 10-hour Bundle:      $2,750 (@ $275/hr)

Non-Prepaid Hourly Rate:    $350/hr, $1,500 deposit



For work beyond the 10 hours included in our Introductory Startup Offering, the following options are available:




Early Stage Offerings

These bundles are prepaid, renewable and non-expiring. All bundles of 10 hours and above include one complimentary strategy session semi-annually. 

5-hour Bundle:                      $1,625 (@ $325/hr)

10-hour Bundle:                    $3,250 (@ $325/hr)

15-hour Bundle:                    $4,500 (@ $300/hr)

20-hour Bundle:                    $6,000 (@ $300/hr)

Non-Prepaid Hourly Rate:    $350/hr, $2,000 deposit

Post-Institutional Funding Round Offering




These bundles are prepaid, renewable, and non-expiring. All bundles include one complimentary strategy session semi-annually. 

10-hour Bundle:                    $3,500 (@ $350/hr)

20-hour Bundle:                    $7,000 (@ $350/hr)

30+ hour Bundle, starting at $9,750 (@ $325/hr)

Non-Prepaid Hourly Rate:     $400/hr, $3,000 deposit 


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