We work with our clients in a variety of ways, providing business advice, serving as counsel for a particular issue or problem, or even acting as Outside General Counsel for companies who do not have an in-house attorney who understands healthcare law. While we provide unique fee arrangements for clients of all types, some matters may lend themselves to a flat fee arrangement, like our Physician/Clinician Employment Agreement Contract Review offering.

Automated Technology in Action. Our interaction with potential new clients often begins through the contact form on our website or a phone call to our office. That initial outreach triggers an email to you with a brief online questionnaire that helps us learn a bit about you.

The Right Fit.  The next step is scheduling a 15 minute phone consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss the specifics of your needs .

Beginning the Attorney-Client Relationship.  If the fit is right, you will be asked to select a fee arrangement that makes sense for you. Then you will receive our engagement agreement for review and signature. Our formal relationship begins when you have signed the engagement agreement online and submitted your deposit or prepaid bundle amount.

Client Communications.  Open lines of communication are important. We are committed to regularly updating you regarding the status of your matter. We ask that you make us aware of matters with a specific deadline as soon as possible so that we can schedule our work accordingly.

Client Feedback.  We appreciate your feedback throughout the course of our engagement and at the close of a matter.  Our goal is your satisfaction with our service.  If there is something you are unhappy with – or something you really appreciate – we want to know.


We have redesigned the way law firms work by making a concerted effort to understand our clients’ need to budget for legal expenses. Our new offerings include "bundles" of hours that can be purchased in increments of 10, 20, or 30 hours at a discounted rate. Fee arrangements are customized for our clients based on the following:

1. Type of client


2. The geographical location of the client


3. The number of hours included in a bundle


4. Where the client is in its business lifecycle

We even have a special introductory offering for Health Tech Startups and Startup Healthcare Practices. Bundles of 20 hours and above include a free annual consultation on business strategy. Any unused funds will be returned upon the completion of your matter.